Ledge and Brace Doors

A ledge and brace door is a door that is made from vertical planks that are held in place on one side by horizontal planks (the ledges) and diagonal planks (the braces).

This type of construction results in a door that is extremely sturdy. Looking at the ledge and brace door straight on we can see only the vertical planks whereas the reverse of the door clearly displays the distinctive ‘Z’ shape that is formed by the horizontal ledges and diagonal braces.

ledge and brace doorLedge and brace doors have a hufront_ledge_bracege amount of character and work extremely well in cottages, barn conversions and country homes. The doors shown are made from solid European oak and supplied unfinished ready for final finishing at home using an oil or stain of your choice.

The solid oak ledge and brace doors are available in a number of sizes: 2’3″ (686mm), 2’6″ (762mm), 2’9″ (838mm) and 3′ (914mm). Standard door height for all of them is 6’6″. The planks are 22mm thick; forming a 44mm thick door in the places where the ledges and braces are attached.

These doors will add rustic charm to any property; at prices that you’ll be suprised by. Our solid oak ledge and brace doors start at under £125, so achieving the perfect look for your interior can be a lot more affordable than you may have thought.
Our ledged and braced doors all use tongue and groove construction, giving you a durable door that won’t buckle if slammed. The bead and butt profile used prevents warping, so your door will look great for years.

You can create the perfect look by selecting your preferred style of hinge, handle/latch, and finish. A hardwax oil such as Treatex will give a beautiful finish your solid oak doors; bringing smoothness, endurance and a highly professional looking finish. The oil will lock moisture out and extend the life of your doors. Choose either a clear matt finish (as shown), or there are different shades of oak stain to choose from: light oak, medium oak or dark oak.

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